Genova fencing

2015-06-08 12:33:58

Genova Vinyl Fencing is engineered to the highest quality standards. It is completely maintenance free and will not rust, rot, chip, corrode, or discolor, even in the ground.

Routed Posts and Notched Rails are designed for quick and easy installation. Simply bury Posts, insert Rails and add decorative Post Tops. Two, three and four rail styles are available in white and tan for use with 4” or 5” posts.

If you already have a wood post and rail fence, but would prefer a vinyl one, just slip Genova’s Vinyl Post over existing 4”x 4” wood posts.

Genova also manufactures patented Stake Post Mount fittings that eliminate the time consuming task of digging postholes. Simply pound a metal “T” or “U” stake into the ground, then slide two Stake Post Mount fittings and a Vinyl Post over the metal stake. That’s it!