PVC/CPVC Plumbing

2015-06-08 13:35:30

Genova Products have been used extensively in all over the world more than 50 years and have reputation as long-term performance systems. Genova Products have build an excellent reputation due to high quality, fast and easy installation possibilities, maintenance-free performance (see advantages).

Genova Products elements are made from superior energy saving thermoplastic materials which are easy to work with. PVC/CPVC Genova Products have everything is needed to easy and quickly complete all home plumbing.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) are two main cold and hot water piping thermoplastics produced by means of polymerization of vinylchloride. PVC pressure pipe & fittings are used in cold water pressure applications only, while CPVC pipe & fittings are used in hot and cold water pressure applications and are designed to withstand continuous operating pressure 4.5 Bar at water pressure of 95ºC. CPVC pipes are manufactured in copper tube size.

PVC/CPVC technology offers much better resistance to corrosion together with increased thermal efficiency whilst helping to eliminate water hammer. PVC/CPVC are much better insulators than copper and loses a lot less heat than an ordinary plumbing system. The stresses developed in PVC/CPVC are generally much smaller than those developed in the metal systems for equal temperature (Check out the difference).

Genova Products are resistant to strong acids and bases (over 400 different chemicals). The products are non-corrosive, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, prevents growth of fungi, algae, bacteria. Genova Products can be used in underground/underwater systems and it is possible to connect to other type materials. The elements are easily joined by “solvent welding”, using aggressive Genova glue (see installation).

LOI is the percentage of oxygen needed in atmosphere to support combustion. CPVC/PVC high LOI means that it cannot burn under normal atmospheric conditions (see LOI comparison diagram). The flash point for PVC is above 399ºC and for CPVC – above 482ºC. Both materials exhibit excellent chemical resistance, higher than many other thermoplastics i.e. such as polypropylene (see technical data).
Bacteria are encountered in nearly all situations where there is exposure to the natural enviroment or where water is handled. Products manufactured from CPVC have extremely smooth surfaces and thus provide few places for bacteria to attach and multiply. Studies of piping materials in water service have shown that CPVC supports the lowest bacterial growth of all the materials tested (see bacterial growth in water piping diagram).

At present PVC plumbing pipes are available in size from ½” to 6″, CPVC – from ½” to 2″ (see catalogue). Other sizes – according to the special order.

The manufacturer does not recommended its PVC/CPVC products in air or compressed gas systems.