About us

Genova Products Inc is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of PVC and CPVC pressure pipe and fittings used for water distribution with over 50 years traditions and verified technologies.

Genova Products Inc. began with one man’s idea to develop a “complete plastic plumbing system”, but his dream was limited to the confines of a metal shed, four employees, and one pipe extrusion machine. With determination to make a better product, the founder of Genova Products, Mr. R.F.Williams succeeded in turning his concept into a reality. Now Genova has five modern manufacturing plants and is known as one of the world’s leading producer.

The modern Genova system offers ultimate safety and the easiest possible and time-saving installation methods for the user (see installation).

All Genova pipe and fittings are manufactured strictly to international standards and conform to all relevant test requirements (see certificates).

Owing to the European growing demand and trying to improve quality service in Eastern and Middle Europe, Genova Products branch office Genova East Europe was established in Lithuania. Furthermore, in response to the customer‘s needs and trying satisfy any logistic exigencies, custom warehouses were opened there. At present Genova East Europe distributes the products to Russia, Poland, Ukraine (see representatives) and other Europe countries.

Genova East Europe focuses much attention on each customer’s needs and try exceed their expectation providing high service, marketing expertise, efficient order processing and loading. We are able to assist in training and other technical or commercial issues that may arise with the installation of Genova water supply systems. Give us a call and you’ll get prompt professional service and unsurpassed technical support.

The fame and popularity of Genova products encourage us to expand our sales efforts and we are constantly looking for a new market possibilities. If you are interested in cooperation with our company or believe in a future with us, please let us know. We believe that open and direct communication, together with a high quality service are essential in providing a successful service centered around our clients needs.