Assembling and installation of Genova Products can be done quickly and easy with Genova all purpose cement, which is suitable for joining CPVC, PVC or ABS pipe and fittings. The highest tetrahydrofuran content in the industry accomodates a wider range of joint tolerances including temperature, humidity, dirt and grease, while maintaining minimum set and cure times. Tools required are very simple and inexpensive (chamfering tool and pipe cutter only).

1 Step – Cutting

Cut pipe squarely with a pipe cutter.


2 Step – Deburring/Bevelling

Burrs and fillings should be removed from outside and inside of the pipe by chamfering tool or sandpaper (pocket knife also is suitable).


3 Step – Fitting preparation

Using a dry, clean cloth, wipe dirt and moisture from the pipe end. Dry-assemble the pipe and fitting to ensure proper fit and alignment.


4 Step – Cleaning

Genova Products cleaner should be applied to the surfaces to be joined. Be certain that the surfaces to be joined are clean and dry.


5 Step – Joining

Apply a thin, even coat of Genova all purpose cement to the fitting socket. Aplly a liberal coat to the pipe. Make sure no bare spots are left.


6 Step – Assembly

Immediately insert the pipe into the fitting socket. It is recommended to turn the pipe ¼ turn when inserting into the fitting socket to distribute the cement evenly. Hold the pipe and fitting together for 10 seconds, allowing the joint to set-up.


Genova Products components are possible to connect to other type water supply systems using threated fittings (see catalogue).

New: Computer Software “Genova Instal-san 2.2″ Russian version is already available!

The full program packaged is design for comprehensive cold & hot water systems installations made by Genova Products. If you are interested in this praogram, please contact us.