Deck Designs: Ideas for decking

2015-10-04 06:17:15

The idea of having more outdoor spaces in our home is just fantastic. It allows our kids more room for play and it offers more space for relaxation and recreation.  There are the thousand ways to increase our home’s outdoor footprint but perhaps the most popular is installing decks around it. Homes with decks are very beautiful to look at. It gives the eyes the illusion of the vastness of space surrounding it. Decks provide a good transition point between the outside of the house and the inside, thereby creating a semi-private space ideal for hosting family dinners, barbeque nights or just plain lounging around. 


Decking is not hard to do.   Here are great decking ideas that are easy to do even on a budget and even if there are space constraints.  Having platform decks that wrap around the house greatly fit in homes that has flat terrain. The decks are just attached to the house giving more area for anyone who wants to take leisurely walks around the house. To add drama to the deck, highlight its perimeter by placing angles, curves, and a gazebo to create a good ambience.


Recreating multilevel decks is perfect for homes that have a sloping terrain. Multilevel decks are connected by a series of stairways and walkways that essentially creates an unobstructed view from the highest vantage point to the lowest. This type of deck is good because it defines spaces. Usually the deck closest to the house is for entertaining guests. The second level can be designated as the area most ideal for basking in the sun and the third level for intimate dinner parties. All these ideas for doing decks in the house should be executed well, Genova Products has all the things you need for doing decks maybe it be the multilevel decks or the platform decks.